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436g/l Carbofuran
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Systemic Insecticide and Nematicide

Application in crops: sugar beet, rape, mustard, maize, sunflower, potato, tobacco, flax

Carbofuran is an insecticide of great biological activity, effective by contact to the nerve system and ingestion, belonging to the carbamat insecticides. Systemic effect of preparation on the pests appears in stopping the nerve impulses and cutting off the nervous system of insects i.e. paralyses. The drug rapidly enters the plant seedings and protect them from pests.

FW (water soluble concentrate): White colour suspension, mainly for soil disinfection and spraying of the stock.

Crops: Wheat, Potato, Tobacco

Pests: soil pests, worms of owlet-moths, Colorado beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata), Zabrus (Zabrus tenebrioides)

Dosage: 4-6L / ha

FS (water solution concentrate for purpose of seed treatment): Purple colour suspension mainly for seed treatment.

Crops: Sugar beet, Rape, Oil Flax

Pests: Complex soil and ground pests; Sugar Beet Fleas, Sugaar Beet Weevils, Sugar Beet Trips, Sugar Beet aphid wireworms

Dosage: 12-23L / ha

Resistance was not observed.