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Fozat 480
Glyphosate-containing broad-spectrum herbicide
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Glyphosate-containing broad-spectrum herbicide

Fozat is a water soluble liquid (WSC) product and a broad-spectrum herbicide, containing 480g/l glyphosate - IPA salt as active ingredient. Glyphosate is one of the most succesful and most widely used herbicide ingredients. It is an essential herbicide especially in grape and fruit crops.

Many unique and distinctive characteristics have made glyphosate popular, the most important of which are the flexible timing and safe use, perfect herbicidal effect and economical control of deep-rooted, perennial monocotyledonous (grass) and dicotyledonous (broad-leaved) weeds, annual monocot. (grass) and dicot. (broad leaved) weeds in large scale farming and in home gardens too.

Toxicity and hazards:

  •     Slightly toxic
  •     Harmless to bees
  •     Moderately toxic to fish

Advantageous properties of Fozat 480:

  •     Broad-spectrum: against deep-rooted perennial and annual grasses and broad leaved weeds.
  •     Competitive price, low treatment cost.
  •     'Free-use' or 'unrestricted use' classification.

Currently authorized for use in: Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Macedonia, United Kingdom

According to the decision made by the National Food Chain Safety Office of Hungary on 30/09/2016, Agro-Chemie Ltd. is authorized for the further distribution of the new formulation of glyphosate until the zonal review of the active ingredient in the EU. Agro-Chemie markets this new formulation of glyphosate.