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    Silver Rain
    solution for hail suppression system
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    Trade name: SILVER RAIN – colorless viscous liquid with characteristic odor

    CAS: 67-64-1, 7783-96-2, 7681-82-5




    Identified uses: use for professional consumers, hail suppression system.

    The aim of the solution: To reduce the damage caused by hailstones, by burning the solution. 


    Basic principles of ground generator hail suppression

    In nature, large hailstones develop which could reach the ground in a very short time and could cause high damages in (apple, grape … ) any kind of agricultural plants. The system was established in 1991 to reduce these possible losses caused by ice. The principle is - during hail suppression. 

    Artificial intervention in hail development results in more and smaller hailstones.

    The smaller hailstones fall with a lower velocity and thus spend more time in the positive temperature domain. Melting further decreases their size, and the damage caused by hailstones will be diminished.


    Hazards Identification

    - Highly flammable liquid and vapour

    - Causes serious eye irritation

    - May cause drowsiness or dizziness

    - Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources. No smoking.

    - Keep container tightly closed

    - It evaporates very quickly, its vapors are heavier than air. Provide explosive atmosphere with air, keep away from ignition sources. Electrostatic charge must be prevented. 


    Transport information: UN No.: ADR/RID/IMDG/IATA: 1993

    Within Europe we can deliver the goods via vehicular, railway transport on palettes or loaded into containers based on the agreement with the prospect customer. 


    Packaging group: II.

    The solution could be loaded into 5-20 liters cans or IBC container, or it could be negotiated. 


    The Suspension

    The components: Acetone + Silver iodide + Sodium iodide.

    It needs to be stored in cool place. The container to be kept tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place. Containers which are opened must be carefully resealed and kept upright to prevent leakage. Maximum storage temperature: 30 °C.


    Preferred properties of Silver Rain:

    Reduces the damage caused by hailstones

    Higher crop yield – income with the reduction of damages

    Simple system and technology


    The Hungarian ice-reduction system, in the first year of its operation, in 2018, had already greatly improved its hopes. Even though it was the most extreme, turbulent spring of the past 30 years, the summer of 2018 (the reported storm damage increased six-times on an annual basis, doubled on the rainfalls) - ice damage fell by 70 percent and the rate of ice damage fell to one-third of all reported agricultural damage. In 2018, the national ice reduction system prevented loss in a value of ten billion forints in agriculture, civil, industrial and public facilities, real estate and movable property.